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    cy. Qu▓anjude roast duckQuanjude has been known for its trademark Peking roast duck and its longstanding culinary heri▓tage since its establishment in 1864, during the Qing Dynasty under the reign of Emperor Tongzhi. Quanjude has its own unique method of preparing its roa

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    st duck. Using open ovens and non-smoky hardwood fuel such as Chinese date trees, peach trees and pear trees, to add a subtle fruity flavor and add a cri▓sp golden tinge to the skin. Today, Quanjude has become one of the largest food enterprises in China, preparing dis

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    hes using more than four hundred recipes. It is commonly regarded as a good representative of ▓Chinese food, and a must for every visitor to Beijing. The name of the restaurant, Quanjude, together implies perfection, union and benevolence. Bian Yi FangBeijing roast duck



is divided into two types:▓ roast duck made with closed oven (where the ▓heat is from inner oven wall

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) and roast duck ma▓de with half-open oven (where the duck is hung over heat ▓source such as fire ). Bian Yi Fang's roast duck is the representative of the closed oven type, whic▓h is made without using open fire. Specially

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 made soup is filled into the duck and during the cooking, it is actually roasting ou▓tside and boiling inside, thus reducing carcinogen resulting from open

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fire roasting. Tan outside and tend▓er inside, fat but not greasy, closed oven roast duck enjoys the reputation of being a green food.Bi▓an Yi Fang was created in the fourteenth year of Yongle peri▓od in Ming

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